Sama Alyasmeen Drug Store is one of the leading Pharmaceutical – Medical companies in the region. Our Pharmaceutical and healthcare products are distributed throughout the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the region with the help and assistance of experts. We, at SADS, are proud to help healthcare providers to enrich the lives of thousands, perhaps millions of people to feel better.

Due to SADS success in satisfying healthcare needs in Jordan, SADS Corporation plans to expand its business in the imminent future to include pharmaceutical cosmetics, beauty cosmetics & pharmaceutical products.

What the company does

Promote & distribute its products in the kingdom after well-established chain pharmacies since 2015.


 Vision statement

The vision of SADS is to be recognized as a one of the top 20 medical companies in the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan by 2022, we deliver on our vision by striving for excellence every day, and constantly seeking to deliver highest quality products to customers.

Mission statement

To remain a highly successful Pharmaceutical – Medical company that provides effective products, highest quality cosmetics & the most innovative skincare products which reflects our commitment to our patients to feel better.


To provide distinguished service to our customers, honesty, cooperation, care and hard work.

Business goals & objectives
To work with highly competitive professional companies that adds value to patients in a fast growing market.
To enrich the portfolio of SADS Corporation.